Extruders P


E 12 P, E 16 P, E 20 P, E 25 P, E 30 P, E 45 P, E 60 P

Powered by an innovative compact gear motor, the Type P series extruders, whose drive electronics and control are directly integrated in the base of the device, can be used in a variety of ways: for R&D or production. Modularity is experienced with the P series extruders. Different kinds of downstream equipment can be connected and numerous
additional options as well as features are possible depending on the
requirements of the customer.

  • Abundance of options for use and extension
  • Very good handling due to compact design
  • Optimal operation via touch-screen control
  • Ideal for multi-layer lines as the different follow-up systems can be adjusted individually
  • The extruders can nearly be adapted to any extrusion task

Collin also offers extruders for the processing of rubber and ceramic which can be built according to specific customer requirements.

The high speed machines of the Type T series extruder (Pilot Line) combine the advantages of Type P, however, due to the highly increased speed and simultaneously high drive torque, they reach an essentially higher output. Particularly the development of the screw geometry and the feeder for the high speed extruder require enormous technical expertise.