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Medical tube line

COLLIN at the NPE 2024 – highlight flat film line with coextrusion

At the NPE 2024, as exhibition highlight, COLLIN Lab & Pilot Solutions presents a flat film line with numerous features in live operation. With this line, our customers can produce 2-layer films plus

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COLLIN at the Fakuma 2023 flat film line in live operation

At the Fakuma 2023, COLLIN Lab & Pilot Solutions presents a flat film line with numerous features in live operation, the COLLIN press with integrated, AI control as well as the Roll Mill W 150 P

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COLLIN TECHNEWS – Extrusion Die Technology

Extrusion Die Technology – The variety of extrusion products requires a variety of extrusion tools. Our expertise includes extrusion tools and also extrusion die technology – from flow calculations an

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NGA Next Generation Inc. – change in the US Management

As of April 2023, as Managing Director, Hans Fischer takes over the US subsidiary, which was successfully established by Dr. Jan Eubeler – Responsible for US business of COLLIN Lab & Pilot Solution

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COLLIN TECHNEWS – Pressure Filter Test

PRESSURE FILTER TEST – The real history behind the Pressure Filter Test -More than 25 years successful in the determination of the pressure filter value during the production of masterbatches and

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COLLIN Lab & Pilot Solutions Highlights at the K 2022 in live operation, Hall 9, Booth B16

Exhibition highlight professional blown film line with platform optimized for metallocenes & perfect for recycling material – Medical tube line with new, innovative 3000 mm water bath

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South East Asian agents meeting in Bangkok a great success

All agencies from South East Asia attended the recent COLLIN agents meeting in Bangkok. The focus of the event was to showcase the company’s latest innovations.

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COLLIN celebrates 50th anniversary

In 2022 COLLIN along with its team celebrates the 50th anniversary. In 1972 the company was founded as sole proprietorship. Today, 50 years later, COLLIN Lab & Pilot Solutions is a worldwide premium

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NGA Group: COLLIN, BritAS & COMELT donate 20,000 €

To initiative „Kunststoff hilft “(plastic helps) for supporting the Ukrainian population: „For us, it was very important to light a beacon of solidarity with the Ukrainian civilian population. In the

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