Medical tube line

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Medical Line for blood bags

Multi-layer multi-lumen resp. plastic hoses

In modern medicine, a nearly immense variety of hoses is used. Examples for their field of application are hoses for invasive surgeries, dialysis hoses, infusion hoses, catheter hoses, drainage hoses

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COLLIN TECHNEWS 1 – High-Performance Thermoplasts

New trend format for solution strength
Focus on: High-Performance Thermoplasts!
Our new format has released: COLLIN TECHNEWS, a technical magazine for late-breaking market topics. …

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Next milestone – From now on, whole NGA group active on the US market

For the NGA group, the beginning of the new year has started with another big step towards the American market on which the affiliated company COLLIN Lab & Pilot

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Determination pressure filter value of masterbatches and compounds

More than 15 years successful in the determination of the pressure filter value during the production of masterbatches and compounds. In 1998, all started – at that

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Thomas Nick responsible for international sales of extrusion systems for medical & pharma

Since 1 November 2020, Thomas Nick, as Sales Director has been responsible for the international sales for the business division …

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Comprehensive Corona safety concept – COLLIN supports you – 100%

Dear customers and business partners,
COLLIN supports you – 100 % ! Already since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, we have been observing a

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Fully-automatic all in one test system for granulates & powder

1 line for checking size, shape, contamination & colour – Compact lines for high throughputs – Stand-alone machines or flexibly extendable to a line

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Change of the ownership structure at NGA GmbH

Änderung der Eigentümer-Verhältnisse bei der NGA GmbH sowie bei COLLIN und BritAS: Dr. Kastner GmbH übernimmt die Anteile der Invest AG

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New company location Malaysia – starting point for expansion

Corporate name NGA Representative Office: Quick, competent service & support on-site – First step for presence expansion on the Asian market:
Within the next two years …

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