Medical tube line

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Medical Line for blood bags

COLLIN Lab & Pilot Solutions Highlights at the K 2022 in live operation, Hall 9, Booth B16

Exhibition highlight professional blown film line with platform optimized for metallocenes & perfect for recycling material – Medical tube line with new, innovative 3000 mm water bath

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South East Asian agents meeting in Bangkok a great success

All agencies from South East Asia attended the recent COLLIN agents meeting in Bangkok. The focus of the event was to showcase the company’s latest innovations.

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COLLIN celebrates 50th anniversary

In 2022 COLLIN along with its team celebrates the 50th anniversary. In 1972 the company was founded as sole proprietorship. Today, 50 years later, COLLIN Lab & Pilot Solutions is a worldwide premium

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NGA Group: COLLIN, BritAS & COMELT donate 20,000 €

To initiative „Kunststoff hilft “(plastic helps) for supporting the Ukrainian population: „For us, it was very important to light a beacon of solidarity with the Ukrainian civilian population. In the

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2 new representatives in South East Asia – expansion of market presence

COLLIN Lab & Pilot Solutions is pleased about two new representatives in South East Asia. „With our new business partners, we can intensify our presence on this market, because both,

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COLLIN donation for clinical centre InnKlinikum

COLLIN Team unterstützt Personal des InnKlinikums Altötting und Mühldorf –
Sachspende in Form von Süßigkeiten für außergewöhnlichen Einsatz in

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Machinery for batteries and fuel cells

Energy storage systems and energy converters are a current mega-topic. The need for these systems is growing extremely fast as a result of the change to fossil fuel-free traffic and the energy turn.

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COLLIN TECHNEWS 3 – Compounding

COMPOUNDING – BLACK MAGIC, ALCHEMY OR EXACT SCIENCE? Read more in the COLLIN TECHNEWS 3. Just nowadays, we are experiencing that there is a change in plastic industry. Plastic generates negative head

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Fakuma 2021 – Highlight 3D-filament or tube line

At the booth 6305 in Hall 6, COLLIN shows its compact LAB LINE 3D-filament line with new winder and new water bath – perfect for the production of high-precision 3D strands or multi-layer tubes

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