Extruder for medical technology, pharmacy & foodGMP, FDA & SCADA.


For medical technology, pharmacy as well as food (also pet), the Medical Extruder Line presents itself as compact and modular.

The COLLIN Medical Line lines are explicitly adapted, designed and manufactured according to the respective customer requirements. The entire COLLIN portfolio can be designed for medical lines – from extruders, compounders, via calenders, presses or roll mills up to pelletizing as well as blown film lines.

Highest precision, narrow tolerances, cleanness, process accuracy, good cleaning handling, clean-room conformity, quick and good service and custom-made customer trainings are a matter of course


  • Innovative drive – compact gear motor or high torque motor
  • Manufactured according to FDA 21 CFR, ISPE, ISO 13485, Din EN 10204/3.1B, cGMP/GMP
  • The design meets the hygienic standards
  • Enormous variability for production of different products
  • Easy disassembly and cleaning
  • Development work for customers as well as pre-tests in the Collin Lab
  • Different downstream equipment as well as features are available


  • Various polymers, which are used in the medical sector, for example Pebax, EVA, Elastomers, PTFE, PVC etc.

Exemplary applications

  • Multi-layer strand production
  • Mono & multi-lumen hoses
  • Mono & multi-layer applications
  • Hoses for coronary invasive therapy
  • Catheter hoses


  • Companies in the pharmaceutical sector
  • Food industry / Pet
  • Companies in the medical sector
  • Universities and institutes


Medical Line Extruder - technical data

Parameters / ExtruderE 12 PE 16 PE 20 PE 25 PE 30 PE 45 PE 60 P
Cylinder Nominal diameter12 mm16 mm20 mm25 mm30 mm45 mm60 mm
L x W x H
1330 x 680 x 1650 mm1330 x 680 x 1650 mm1330 x 680 x 1650 mm1620 x 500 x 1600 mm1840 x 680 x 1650 mm2330 x 780 x 1800 mm3100 x 1200 x 2000 mm


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