Compounders P Professional - for pilot series & productionFlexible, modular high-performance version.


The P series compounders for professional are the high-performance versions of the COLLIN compounders. They are also available as high-temperature version for processing temperatures up to 450°C.


  • Quick retrofitting between co and counter-rotating is possible
  • Modular in design and application variants
  • Practical in operability
  • Different applications
  • Modular screws for various mixing tasks
  • Different screw lengths for high flexibility

High-temperature version: for processing temperatures up to 450°C


  • Polymers
  • Thermoplastics
  • Elastomers


  • Mixing and dispersing pigments
  • Adding fillers and other additives to polymers
  • Adding fibre strands
  • Mixing polymers or pastes
  • Degassing volatile polymer components
  • Continuous reaction extrusion


The control is effected via a touch screen CMI 17:

  • Screen size 17 inch
  • Display of all functions with set and actual values
  • Bar graph, tabular or graphic display of the values
  • Large display of important process values
  • Operating keys for all machine functions
  • Possibility of recipe management
  • Fault and error messages
  • Language switch
  • Ethernet-connection
  • Easy combination of the machines via fieldbus-interface
  • Possibility to connect with the superior SCADA-system (for lines in pharmaceutical production)


  • Raw material producers
  • Compounding and finishing companies
  • Processing companies
  • Universities and institutes
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical technology companies


Technical data - Compounder P Professional

Compounder data ZK 25 P ZK 35 P
Nominal diameter  mm 25 35
Torque per Nm 110 300
Max. speed rpm 1200 1200



New series Compounder P

25% more performance>>>

Downstream equipment

Water bath
Small blown film line or cast film line


Machine Directive 2006/42/EG ISO 12100
EN 13849-1 and -2
EN 1114


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