Compounders E Entrance - for tests, research & developmentFlexible, modular & practical.


Compounders are used for testing, developing and producing different polymeric materials such as thermoplasts, elastomers, food and for medical & pharmaceutical applications.

The Compounder Type E Entrance is perfectly suitable for simple compounding works. The standard machine can very variably compound different polymers and is very flexible regarding dosing – side feeders, volumetric or gravimetric dosing units.


  • Modular design and application versions
  • Easy operability
  • Different applications
  • Different screw lengths for high flexibility in development
  • Clamping flanges for easy dismounting
  • Standard base cabinet on rollers

Standard design

  • With air cooling for a process temperature of up to 350°C
  • With water cooling for a process temperature of up to 350°C

High-temperature design

  • With air cooling up to 400°C process temperature


  • Polymers
  • Thermoplasts
  • Elastomers


  • Mixing and dispersing of pigments
  • Admixing of fillers and other additives into polymers
  • Admixing of fibre strands
  • Mixing of polymers or pastes
  • Degassing of volatiles
  • Continuous reaction extrusion

The CMI 7 interface has a touch display, function keys and a data wheel.

  • Control of the heating of cylinder and downstream equipment
  • Melt temperature and melt pressure indication
  • Speed and indication of the motor current consumption


  • Raw material manufacturer
  • Compounding and refining companies
  • Processing companies
  • Universities and institutes
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Companies in the medical sector

Compounder E Entrance - Technical data

Parameters / CompounderZK 16 EZK 25 E
Nominal diameter 16 mm25 mm
Torque per shaft 15 Nm90 Nm
Max. speed 500 rpm460 rpm

Liquid dosing

Dosing pump

Downstream equipment

Water bath
Small blown or flat film lines
Slot dies
Blown film dies


Machine Directive 2006/42/EG
ISO 12100
EN 13849-1 and -2
EN 1114

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