COLLIN TECHNEWS - Extrusion Die Technology:
The variety of extrusion products requires a variety of extrusion tools.

Dear customers, partners & friends of COLLIN,
Dear Madam and Sir,

In 2022, we could look back on 5 decades of experience and know-how, the K 2022 was a great success and as group, we are strengthened for the next years.

Founded as a sole proprietorship in 1972, COLLIN is now a globally established, medium-sized pioneer in the field of extrusion machine construction. Continuous optimisation and further development at all levels, our team of experts, the wide range of our product solutions with simultaneous vertical integration are what distinguish COLLIN.

In order to continue on our successful path, we have founded the NGA Group – a strategic network around the globe with which we cover a wide variety of topics and markets. In addition to COLLIN, this network consists of the German sister company BritAS Recycling-Anlagen, the Austrian COMELT, an NGA branch in India and in Singapore as well as our location in the USA.
In addition, we can count on our approximately 40 representatives worldwide.

Our expertise includes extrusion tools and also extrusion die technology – from flow calculations and die design to the manufacture of slot dies and coextrusion feed-block systems. We have bundled our manufacturing expertise for this at COMELT in Austria.

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