COLLIN Lab & Pilot Solutions at the NPE 2024, Hall E, Booth W7261: Exhibition highlight LAB LINE flat film line with coextrusion – 2-layer film plus extruded stripes

  • Presentation new COLLIN film inspection with practical post-processing software
  • Testing LAB LINE roll mill with highest reproducibility – ideal for battery production
  • TEACH LINE flat film line with camera inspection
  • TEACH LINE blown film line – ideal for trials, tests, QS & trainings

“At the NPE 2024, as exhibition highlight, COLLIN Lab & Pilot Solutions presents a flat film line with numerous features in live operation. With this line, our customers can produce 2-layer films plus extruded strips. Moreover, we will show the COLLIN Roll Mill W 150 P, which is perfectly suitable to produce batteries. A TEACH LINE flat film line as well as a TEACH LINE blown film line can also be seen at our booth, and, of course, also machines and components of our affiliated companies of the NGA group,” says DI Dr. Friedrich Kastner, CEO / Managing Partner COLLIN Lab & Pilot Solutions GmbH.

One of the central parts of the COLLIN flat film line is the 400 mm multi-manifold die of the affiliated company COMELT. This die convinces by high flexibility – that means, different materials with different viscosities resp. with different melt temperatures can be processed.

Further essential modules of the flat film line are a horizontally or vertically adjustable Chill Roll CR 400 with smoothing roll, two winders, edge cutting, tempering devices, additional heating packages as well as a completely new COLLIN camera inspection FI.

New, COLLIN film inspection with practical post-processing tool
The COLLIN FI film inspection by camera and software is used for continuous film defect inspection. As high-quality test line, it detects optical defects via a definition of up to 10 error classes by means of up to 14 error criteria in a running flat film line.

„The COLLIN film inspection is brand-new. It mainly convinces by the practical post-processing resp. the software, which was programmed especially for this purpose. „Thus, our customers can modify the evaluation criteria even if the run has already been finished and can evaluate the existing data“, explains Corné Verstraten, CSO / Joint Partner COLLIN Lab & Pilot Solutions GmbH.

The height adjustment as well as the modular design of the flat film line are further advantages for COLLIN customers.

Testing roll mill COLLIN LAB LINE Roll Mill W 150 P ideal for battery production
The COLLIN P Professional series roll mill – which is also shown at the booth – is characterized by high reproducibility and is designed for more complex tests in the laboratory. Used for mixing, plasticizing, kneading, or sheet forming, the COLLIN testing roll mills are equipped with a motor-driven gap adjustment. The machines can be used as stand-alone unit or as downstream equipment. Among other things, COLLIN rolls mills are ideal lines for the development as well as the production of batteries.

TEACH LINE blown and flat film line – very compact, easy to handle table-top machines
The COLLIN TEACH LINE blown film unit BL 200 is a compact and easy to handle unit for the production of blown films made of all standard polymers. The machines are primarily used for training, quality assurance, tests and trials as well as in pre-development. “The advantage for our customers is that these compact table systems can be operated with minimal material input. The blowing system is available with a mono or multi-layer die and impresses with the smallest, extremely uniform blown film.”

In compact design, the TEACH LINE flat film line unites the well-known functions of a cast film line with those of a small smoothing calender. The system is ideally suited for smoothing or laminating films and casting low-viscosity masses with a vertical die. Via pneumatic cylinders, the upper of the three rolls is designed to be moveable and enables to smooth films. The gap width can finely be adjusted. If the upper roll is swivelled up, the unit can be used for casting of thin films.

The table systems also impress with their modularity; they can be easily combined with other TEACH LINE machines or extended by them. Raw material or masterbatch manufacturers, compounders and refiners, processors, universities and institutes as well as companies in the medical, pharmaceutical or recycling sector rely on COLLIN TEACH LINE systems.

The entire NGA Group at the NPE 2024
During this year`s NPE, for the first time, the entire NGA Group is represented at the booth. Besides COLLIN, the affiliated company BritAS will introduce its latest melt filter ABMF-TH, COMELT its latest innovation – die coflex 800 mm extrusion die. NGA India will show its new EASY LINE MAX blown film line as well as a pressure filter test – both lines in live operation.