Blown film line in practice – 1st internal COLLIN Academy in Maitenbeth

Learning by doing.
In this sense, during the last few days, the first internal COLLIN Academy „Blown Film Extrusion“ took place. Colleagues from all departments of the company participated – design and software engineers but also employees from the accounting and personnel department were there. In a program of several hours, blown film extrusion was explained in detail and the latest COLLIN Blown Film Line BL 600 P was used to show the extrusion process. The line was equipped with a 5-layer coextrusion blown film die of the latest generation as well as 5 different single-screw extruders from the COLLIN technical centre.

It was time to join in.
Everybody had the chance to be active. Either adjusting the heating zones at the extruder or the bubble diameter – nearly everything was possible. Very curious employees, for example could start the line and produce their first film bubble. Even long-serving employees could learn new things, for example they could look into the newly designed COLLIN cooling ring for high throughputs.

Also theory did not go short.
In addition to the practice program of the process technology, two detailed trainings about the basics of plastic processing took place. The former Head of Process Technology, Franz Grajewski explained these basics by using many examples from his long-standing occupation as Head of R&D. By employees of the technical centre, typical effects as for example strand expansion during extrusion were shown with tests with Teach Line lines.

There are plans to periodically offer the COLLIN Academy with other topics, in the future, also for our customers. The combination of a seminar about relevant basics, demonstrations with machines from the Teach Line portfolio as well as a practical part with a modern pilot line can hardly be better presented than on-site in Maitenbeth.

The feedback of the internal participants was positive and excellent and is showing the potential of such an integrated training.

If you and your team are interested in professional and well-founded trainings and tests in our technical centre, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.