Stretching Lines MDO – monoaxial stretching of tapes & monofilamentsModular, compact, practical.


Stretching lines are used for monoaxial stretching of tapes and monofilaments. As with many COLLIN lines, also here, the modular design has priority.

With the procedure, the characteristics of polymers can essentially be modified, which results in an extension of the fields of application. Furthermore, the mechanical characteristics such as tensile strength, extension and barrier effect against different media are improved.

The line consists of a feeding and restraint module with different, selectable central heating and stretching zones as well as the stretching and take-off module.


  • Compact table-top device
  • Exact control of all parameters
  • Practical handling
  • Ideal for simulations and test samples


  • Films, film compounds, tapes, monofilaments, multi-filaments etc. made of different materials


  • Short-gap stretching for films made of PP and PE
  • Long-gap stretching with IR additional heating for films, e. g. made of PET
  • Long-gap stretching with hot-air channel for monofilaments and tapes

Trainings, apprenticeship and further training, screenings, laboratory operation, test series, research & development

Microprocessor control with HMI, function keys and a data wheel


  • Apprenticeship employers
  • Training facilities
  • Trade schools, vocational schools
  • Raw material manufacturers
  • Processing companies
  • Universities and institutes

Teach Line MDO – Technical data

Parameters / MDOMDO
Number of cooling and heating rolls5
Roll diameter72 mm
Roll width120 mm
Speed range rolls
Up to 15 m/min

Technical description

The roll unit is centrally motor-driven.

The rolls are hard-chrome plated and tempered.


Fibrillation unit
Infrared module
Hot-air module

Stretching module for short-gap stretching

In order to enable short-gap stretching, a stretching roll is positioned between the restraining unit (Teach Line MDO A) and the stretching unit (Teach Line MDO B).


For safe operation of the roll unit, the swivelling and transparent door is equipped with a safety switch.

Overview COLLIN Teach Line products


Range of COLLIN stretching liens at a glance:


Lab Line Stretching Lines MDO

For the stretching of polymers


Pilot Line Stretching Lines MDO

High-performance stretching lines for pilot productions