MDO Stretching Lines – stretching of polymersModify characteristics by single or dual stretching.


The stretching of polymer films improves their characteristics in many ways. COLLIN offers laboratory and pilot lines for stretching films for a wide range of thermoplastic materials and compounds. These lines are used for quality control and the development of new products and processes. They can also be used for the production of narrow films.

Design of a COLLIN stretching line:

  • Extrusion group
  • Stretching unit
  • Take-off
  • Winder


  • Improvement of film characteristics
  • Extension of application possibilities of the film
  • High variability of the stretching unit
  • Optimisation of mechanical characteristics such as tensile strength, elongation as well as barrier effect against different media
  • Compact design
  • Film can manually be fed
  • Comfortable cleaning

Due to the option of one or two stretching gaps, the machines show high variability:

MDO single stretching unit
A variety of polymers, especially PP, PE but also PA are monoaxially stretched in order to improve the mechanical, optical and barrier characteristics considerably. Essentially, the stretching is done with the short gap process in a stretching gap with adjustable length of the stretching gap.

MDO dual stretching unit
This system of a two-gap stretching line was developed in industry for the production of breathable films. The special feature of these films is a high proportion of mineral fillers. This task requires a special design of the machine and modified process parameters.


  • Short gap stretching for films e. g. made of PP and PE
  • Long gap stretching with IR additional heating for films e. g. made of PET

Thermoplastic materials and compounds such as PP, PE, PET, PA


  • Laboratory operation
  • R&D
  • Product development
  • Quality control
  • Pilot production
  • Production of narrow films


  • All manufacturers of polyolefins (PP, PE) and PA
  • Processing companies in the field of stretching films
  • Manufacturer of mineral fillers, compounds and films for breathable applications
Parameters/MDO Stretching unitMDO 400 singleMDO 400 dualMDO 600 singleMDO 600 dual
Roll width400 mm400 mm600 mm600 mm
Number stretching gaps1212
Max. inlet width film 350 mm350 mm550 mm550 mm


Edge strip cutting and winding
Film thickness measurement
Corona pre-treatment station


Covering on all sides with doors on all sides – laminated safety glass
New feeding procedure
Emergency braking of all rolls when opening the doors
During feeding procedure, speed reduction into creep speed

COLLIN stretching lines overview:

MDO Pilot Line Stretching Line

High-performance stretching line for pilot productions


Teach Line Stretching Line

For trainings, tests, apprenticeship & further training.