Flat Film Lines with 3 rolls – smoothing calender & chill rollSmoothing, embossing, laminating of films & sheets.


These COLLIN flat film lines combine smoothing calender and chill roll and are used in the production of thin-walled or thick-walled films.

The 3-roll unit can be used for vertical or horizontal operation – the roll group can be swivelled by 90 degrees. The forces in the smoothing gap can hydraulically or pneumatically be generated. The smoothing roll is suitable for a wide selection of applications such as smoothing, embossing or laminating.

The roll unit is suitable for 2 working positions:

  • Vertical for the application as calender (horizontal die position)
  • Horizontal for the application as chill roll (vertical die position)
  • Rolls optimized for liquid tempering
  • Web speed steplessly controllable: 1 – 50 m/min
  • Diverse accessories such as for example camera inspection etc. are possible
  • Quick sample production
  • Easily traversable
  • Flexible and modular design
  • Operable by one person
  • High speeds are possible
  • Different material layers
  • High degree of automation
  • Upscaling to production lines


  • Smoothing, embossing, laminating of films or sheets
  • Quality control
  • Material development

The control panel is mounted at the switch cabinet and includes a 10“touch screen (CMI 10), function keys, a data wheel and an emergency stop button. The control has an interface to the optionally available software Visual FECON.


  • Compounding and refining companies
  • Processing companies
  • Packaging industry
  • Sports goods manufacturer
  • Universities and institutes
  • Companies in the medical sector
Parameters / LineFlat film line with 3 rolls
Web speed1-50 m/min, other speeds on request
Roller width200, 400, 600 mm
Working position rollshorizontal, vertical


Hydraulic contact pressure of the smoothing roll (10 kN closing force)
Tempering devices (water/oil)
Control of a pre-take-off incl. A difference speed (∆m/min) of the pre-take-off
Film guiding system with film edge control
Tension control
Edge cutting and edge strip winding
Film inspection, thickness measuring system, corona station
Winder (central, contact or gap)

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