COLLIN TECHNEWS 3 - COMPOUNDING – Black magic, alchemy or exact science?

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Just nowadays, we are experiencing that there is a change in plastic industry. Plastic generates negative headlines again and again – from micro plastic up to plastic islands in the sea. Therefore, the topic recyc-ling becomes even more important and a burning issue – in R&D, for mechanical engineering companies or for the plastic processing industry.

In order to facilitate the recycling of polymers, the material has to be more homogenous and compatible. This, in turn, offers for companies for example the option to refeed the pellets, recycled via inhouse recycling, into the production process – and thus the own energy footprint can be improved.

Here, compounding is often the technology of choice.
Additives and fillers are incorporated into the plastic mass in order to create new characteristics. For this purpose, COLLIN offers solutions for simple to highly complex applications, which can directly be integrated into blown or cast lines. Instead of an extruder, a compounder is used, which degases the plastic and mix it with different additives. Among other things, compounding is suitable for packaging and technical or medical products.

For customers of the NGA Group, it is an advantage that the group covers the complete life cycle up to recycling:
NGA does analysis and simulation, COLLIN is international pioneer in the field of compounding technology resp. product develop-ment and BritAS bolt screen changers are the perfect solution for the processing of plastic waste to pellets.

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