COLLIN machinery for batteries and fuel cells

Energy storage systems and energy converters are a current mega-topic. The need for these systems is growing extremely fast as a result of the change to fossil fuel-free traffic and the energy turn. All major automobile manufacturers decided to switch to electrically powered vehicles (PHEV / BEV / FCEV) within the next decade. Since the all battery cells are made of several layers of NMC, NMA, LFP or similar coated metal foils and a polymer-based separator this process can be handled by COLLIN machinery.

COLLIN set an initial milestone back in 1999 with a pilot line for an innovative German battery plant coating a solvent-free Li metal oxide electrode onto a foil. In recent years, several machines for production of separators and for coating electrodes have been developed and built. Together with compounders for mixing and extruding electrode material, roll mills to develop a process for calandering thin electrode films and extrusion dies for a wide range of materials the COLLIN portfolio offers all necessary equipment for your battery lab.

The optimization of the electrode production by reducing or even eliminating the solvents (NMP or liquid carbonates) requires machines which can handle mixtures with high solid fill grades. All parts are available with high corrosion and abrasion resistance. Another recent development is the use of a gel-like separator instead of a solid separator film. COLLIN has designed a highly functional pilot line including an EX-proof automatic extrusion die to develop a continuous production process which would run in a dry room environment. Of course we also have machinery to prepare proton exchange membranes (PEM) for fuel cells. COLLIN calanders can also be used to prepare catalyst coated membranes (CCM) in the decal process.

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