Teach Line series generation 2 – innovative safety & digital features

During the last months, the Collin team has systematically been further developing the Teach Line product line. The series of compact table-top machines includes for example compounders, extruders, blown and flat film lines but also roll mills or pelletizers. These machines are used for apprenticeship, R & D but also for the production of special films.

The generation 2 presents itself in a new ergonomic design including the completely digital operation, control and 7” touch display CMI 7. The series is equipped with the latest safety features. SPS controlled and fully FECON capable, all parameters are controlled and evaluated online. As option, the table-top machines can be operated with 480V and 60 Hz.

2 Teach Line Generation 2:
Extruder E 20
Compounder ZK 25
3-layer feedblock
Chill Roll

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