All-round quality measurement system multi-inspection generation 2

The Collin team has also realized many new functions and improvements for the multi-inspection. The all-round measurement system for film quality – optical, mechanical and rheological – therefore, live operation of 2. generation at the booth.

„For the multi-inspection, we have improved the ergonomics, since the measuring systems are now horizontally arranged. Fort hat, a very compact combi-die and melt pump for rheological measurements are integrated. The new camera unit with improved LED technology guarantees higher control quality. The camera is controlled via a separate micro-controller. The evaluation of the data is made via an image processing system, which is also new. With this, we are in the high-end area of film quality control“, says DI Dr. Friedrich Kastner. Completely new is also our integrated FTIR based expert system, which displays the composition of samples also for operators without any spectroscopy knowledge.

4 Multi-inspection:
Comprehensive test device for film quality control:
Melt viscosity
Colour, error (dark spots, gels etc.)
Material composition
Determination of the elasticity module
Other additional components are in preparation.

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