Strand Pelletizer – small line for the production of pellets Compact, efficient, practical.


The COLLIN Teach Line Strand Pelletizer is the ideal small line for one pellet length. The line consists of a pelletizing unit with a pair of feed rolls, guide piece, fixed counter-knife and rotating guillotine.

Via pressure and tension screws, the gap between rotor knife and static knife can be adjusted. A transparent door enables good observability of the feeding and cutting process.


  • Compact table-top machine
  • Ideal for trainings
  • Easy handling
  • Efficient small line



  • Trainings, apprenticeship and further training
  • Pre-development
  • Quality control


  • Universities and institutes
  • Compounding companies
  • Raw material manufacturers

COLLIN Teach Line Pelletizer – Technical data

Parameters / PelletizerSP
Take-off speedup to 20 m/min
Cutting lengthapprox. 2,5 mm
Number of strands1 or 2
Diameter of the strands< 4 mm

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Besides the Teach Line Pelletizer, we also deliver laboratory strand pelletizers – also as underwater pelletizing system or die face pelletizer.


Lab Line Strand Pelletizers

Cutting of plastomer strands, underwater pelletizer system, die face pelletizer