Strand Pelletizers – cutting of plastomer strandsAlso as underwater pelletizing system & die face pelletizer.


Strand pelletizers are used for cutting thermoplastic plastic strands.

Strand pelletizers

The COLLIN strand pelletizer basic system has one drive – for a pre-defined pellet length of approx. 3 mm.

The strand pelletizer with two independent, variable drives enables the stepless adjustment of the pellet length from 0.8 up to 5 mm.

Moreover, COLLIN offers pelletizers, which are designed for more than two strands and for a higher take-off speed.


  • Compact system
  • Variable in design resp. drive

Depending on the customer requirements, underwater as well as die face pelletizers can be delivered:

UWG Underwater Pelletizing Systems

With this system, the polymer is directly cut at the die plate under water. Together with the water, the pellets are guided into the drying system, in which the water is separated from the pellets. The water system is tempered in order to enable a constant process. The pelletizer includes die plate, cutting device and the tempered water system. As option, COLLIN offers a polymer diverter valve.

The compact unit is mounted on a moveable frame and, by a clamping flange, it can easily be connected with the extruder.

The die plates are available in different die designs and heatings.


  • Wide viscosity range can be pelletized
  • Less dust
  • Micro-pellets are possible
  • Low noise level

Die face pelletizer air-cooled

With this system, the polymer is directly cut at the outlet of the die plate. In contrast to the underwater pelletizing system, COLLIN uses a blower for creating an air flow in order to transport the pellets into a cyclone. The system includes a die plate, cutting device and a cyclone. The complete unit is mounted on a moveable frame and by a clamping flange, it can easily be connected with the extruder.


  • Compact system
  • Low operating pressure
  • Easy and quick cleaning
  • Visibility of the cutting process – transparent window
  • autarkic – stand-alone machine


  • Plastomers
  • Hydrophobic materials


  • Laboratory operation, trials, research & development
  • Masterbatch production
  • Quality control


  • Raw material manufacturers
  • Masterbatch manufacturers
  • Compounding and refining companies
  • Processing companies
  • Universities and institutes
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Companies in the medical sector

COLLIN strand pelletizer - Technical data:

Parameters / PelletizerSP 1SP 2SP max
Take-off speed or with increased speed: 7 – 70 m/min3 – 36 m/min3 – 36 m/min20 – 90 m/min
Max. number of strands1 -21 -210
Pellet sizeapprox. 3 mm Ø x 3 mmapprox. 3 mm Ø x 3 mm3 mm Ø x 3 mm
Max. throughput15 kg/h (bwith one strand)approx. 15 kg/h (with one strand)approx. 350 kg/h

Max. throughput (LDPE) – 30 kg/h (with one strand)

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Besides the strand pelletizers, COLLIN offers Teach Line pelletizers:

Teach Line Pelletizer

Small line for the production of pellets