Blown Film Line – for trainings, apprenticeship & further trainingExtremely uniform blown film. Air-cooled.


The Blown Film Unit BL 200 is a compact and easy to handle unit for the production of blown films made of all standard polymers.

Technical description
Special characteristics are a height-adjustable take-off, a separately driven winder as well as a cooling blower, which is integrated into the machine base. The control panel includes all electrical and pneumatical control units and operating elements. A blown film die (up to 30 mm Ø) with gap-adjustable cooling ring completes the unit and guarantees extremely thin as well as uniform blown films.


  • Very compact table-top machine
  • Height-adjustable take-off
  • Thin and uniform bubbles
  • Available with mono or multi-layer die
  • Smallest bubble diameter
  • Lowest material input

Standard polymers, polyolefins, PA, EVOH, adhesive agents


  • Trainings, apprenticeship & further training
  • Laboratory – trials, tests
  • Quality control
  • Pre-development

The control panel consists of a 7“ touch screen (CMI 7), function keys, a data wheel and an emergency stop button.


  • Raw material manufacturers
  • Compounding and refining companies
  • Processing companies
  • Universities and institutes
  • Recycling engineering

Teach Line Blown Film Line – Technical data:

Parameters / LineBL 200
Roller width200 mm
Dimensions (L x D x H)715 x 480 x 1280 mm
Weightapprox. 65 kg

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COLLIN blown film lines at a glance:

Blown Film Line E Entrance

For quality control & laboratory.


Blown Film Line P Professional

For production, laboratory & product development.
High-temperature version for PEEK, LCP.


COLLIN Pilot Line Blown Film Line P Professional

For multi-layer films or film hoses.