Blown film lines P



BL 600 P, BL 800 P, BL 1000 P

Blown film lines of Collin are used in various ways: Production of multi-layer films as well as the production of film hoses in the food and medical sector.

The modular system of Collin allows for the configuration of lines with 13 layers and matching screw diameters. The machines can be equipped with melt pumps or gravimetric dosing to ensure that the necessary wall thickness proportions are observed.

Collin blown film towers have exchangeable frames for layflat (e.g. carbon rolls, wooden slats etc.) and fit the modular concept. A huge advantage is the height adjustment for the take-off rolls of the blown film tower. This way, it is possible to individually deal with the cooling characteristics of the polymer. Fundamentally, the lines allow for an enormous range of features such as thickness measurement, annealing tank, corona, camera and edge cutting.