Manual Pressure Filter Test – easy, safe material testContinuous, user-friendly, reproducible.


The manual COLLIN pressure filter test is used for determining quality differences in a polymer caused by agglomerates, insufficiently dispersed fillers resp. contaminations.

A filter cassette in pre-heating position enables a quick and clean manual filter change without extruder stop. During the filter change, the melt is diverted via a bypass valve in front of the filter.

The material to be tested is melted in an extruder, homogenized and guided through a screen via a melt pump with a defined and constant volume flow. Particles from a certain size clog the screen and thus, the open surface of the screen is decreased. Consequently, the pressure in front of the screen is increasing and determined by a sensor.


  • Easy and safe handling
  • Improved reproducibility by double-chamber hopper
  • Little idle times during screen change by cassette system
  • Filter change without extruder stop
  • Saving of working time due to optionally available double-chamber hopper

Testing of masterbatches, virgin and recycling materials


  • Product development – optimizing colour masterbatches
  • Quality monitoring and control
  • Incoming inspection and output control of masterbatches, compounds or polymers

Microprocessor control with HMI, function keys and data wheel.


  • Masterbatch manufacturers
  • Recycling companies
  • Raw material manufacturers
  • Compounding and refining companies
  • Processing companies
  • Universities and institutes


Double-chamber hopper
Bridge breaker in the hopper
High-temperature version
Rheological measurement set-up

Extra pressure filter test at the testing extruder

  • For testing larger quantities of polymers, which require higher throughputs, the measuring head is mounted on an extruder with a screw diameter of 25 mm or 30 mm.
  • For increasing the flexibility, the filter test is mounted on a moveable unit.
  • A PC, which is connected with the line, determines the melt pressure in front of the filter, the melt temperature and melt pump speed.


EN 13900-5/ pigments and extenders: methods of dispersion and assessment of dispersibility in plastics – Part 5: determination by filter pressure value test.
EN 15348 Standard Specification for Polyolefin Monofilaments, Part 17: Polyolefin Material Cleanliness.

Range of COLLIN pressure filter tests at a glance:

Automated pressure filter test

Fully-automated, standardized quality control of polymers


Pressure filter test with autosampler

7 material samples, 7 filters, 7 tests in one system run


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