Automated Pressure Filter Test – quality control of polymersFully-automated, standardized, online.


The automated pressure filter test is used for determining quality differences in a polymer caused by agglomerates, insufficiently dispersed fillers resp. contaminations also in the bypass directly at the production extruder. For this version, the screens are automatically changed.

The melted thermoplastic polymer flows via a filter screen. Agglomerates, contaminations and other insufficiently dispersed resp. melted particles cause an increasing clogging of the filter screen – this increases the pressure in the measuring chamber. The pressure transducer registers the pressure increase in front of the screen and documents it in the measuring trend. The pressure curve shows the quality of the melt and enables a valid statement about the quality of the recycled material, compounds or masterbatches based on valid data.

During the filter change, extruder and melt pump continue running. A filter magazine for up to 20 filter cassettes guarantees the continuous operation of the pressure filter test.


  • Little downtime and personnel costs compared with the manual screen change
  • Quick quality test at the production line
  • Connection to each extruder, production extruder or compounder, also in bypass mode
  • Compact design
  • Fully automated system
  • No additional effort for laboratory analysis


  • Polyolefins
  • Technical polymers such as PET, PA, PC
  • Recycling material


  • Standardized pressure filter test
  • Quality control
  • Quality control in recycling processes

Fully integrated evaluation software


  • Masterbatch manufacturers
  • Recycling companies
  • Raw material manufacturers
  • Compounding and refining companies
  • Processing companies
  • Universities and institutes

Automated Pressure Filter Test – Technical data

Parameters/Pressure Filter TestAFT MP
Connected load4 kW, 3 x 9 A, 400 V
Pressure sensor200 bar
Volume throughput5 – 100 ccm/min
Outer dimensions (without switch cabinet and sub-construction)H x W x D= 504 x 269 x 970 mm

Features / Options

Measuring unit – melt pressure sensor, automated melt valve, integrated, automated screen changer
Melt pump – for transporting a defined, constant melt flow
Filter cassettes – exchangeable magazine for 20 filter cassettes
Screen filter – with different fineness
Control – separate switch cabinet with practical control panel
Protocol – display of the pressure increase over time
Combinable with all extruders


  • In combination with another extruder or
  • as stand-alone version


EN 15348 / plastics – recycled plastics: characterization of Poly(ethylenterephthalate) (PET) recyclates
EN 13900-5 / pigments and extenders: methods of dispersion and assessment of dispersibility in plastics – Part 5: determination by filter pressure value test

COLLIN pressure filter tests at a glance:

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