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Collin Teach Line

Collin Teach Line comprises a series of compact tabletop machines for the processing of polymers specifically designed for the fields of teaching & training as well as research & development.With the help of the lines, it is possible to simulate different discontinuous and continuous processes of plastic processing or to test samples.

Your advantages at a glance 

  • Entire processing lines for the production of granulate, blown and flat films or sheets, hoses or pipes can be set up.
  • All machines are compatible in design, performance and height so  that reconstructions or extensions can be implemented quickly.
  • The electrical drive technology and control are located in the machine base.
  • High durability and production of flawless samples.
  • First screening of new materials requires little effort  and material consumption.
  • Excellent training opportunities on table-top units without long starting processes.
  • Perfectly suitable for quality control.


Model: E 16, E 20

The single-screw extruder is the standard machine for the continuous plasticising of polymers. The table-top units combine high process variability with accurate control and regulation of all parameters.


Models: ZK 12, ZK 16, ZK 25

The Collin compounders are suitable for the continuous melting, mixing, homogenising, alloying and extruding of plastic materials.All Collin compounders are available for co-rotating and counter-rotating operation. The table-top compounder consists of a process part with a drive, set up on the electrical switch cabinet.

Roll mill

Model: W 100

The roll mill is used for mixing, plasticising, kneading and laminating of plastics and elastomers. The Collin machine is ideal for examining small quantities and for trainings.

Blown film line (water-cooled / air-cooled)

Model: BL 200

The BL 200, clearly arranged and easy to operate, is intended for the production of blown films made from standard polymers.

A blown film die optimised for melt flow and with gap adjustable cooling ring guarantees extremely thin and even blown films. 3, 5 and 7-layer dies allow for producing more complex packaging film compounds or technical films.


Model: RWT 30

The blown film die with a radial sprial mandrel distributor provides extremely thin and even blown films. Quick material changes are possible.

The Collin blown film dies are available as 1, 3, 5 or 7-layer versions.

Flat film line

Model: CR 72/72/72-190

This machine combines the known features of a cast film line with those of a small calender in a compact arrangement.

Different processes are possible due to the flexible rolls: 

  • Smoothing of films
  • Laminating of films
  • Pulling of flat films at horizontal arrangement of dies
  • Casting of low viscosity melts with vertical die

Stretching (MDO)

Models: MDO A, MDO B, fibrillating station

Stretching lines are used for monoaxial stretching of straps and monofilaments.

This process allows for the charateristics of polymers to be changed considerably so that there are more possible applications. Moreover, it improves characteristics like tensile strength and stretching as well as the barrier effect against water and gases.


  • Short-gap stretching for films out of PP and PE
  • Long-gap stretching with IR auxiliary heating for films e.g. out of PET
  • ong-gap stretching with hot  air duct for monofilaments and  straps


Model: CSG 1

The Collin Teach Line Strand Pelletizer CSG 1 consists of a pelletizing unit with a pair of feed rolls, guide piece, fixed counter knife and rotating fly cutter. The gap between the rotor knife and the static knife can be adjusted via the pressure and the tractive knife. A transparent door helps observing the feeding and cutting process.

Water bath

[Translate to English:] Modell: WB 850

Klein und kompakt kann das Collin Teach Line Wasserbad einfach auf jedem Tisch platziert werden. Die Strangführung im Wasser erfolgt über Führungsrollen. Das Wasserbad hat zudem zwei Bügelstützen und vier Gummifüße. Die optimale Wasserdurchlaufmenge wird am Zulauf mit einem Stellventil eingestellt.

Pipe line

The pipe line consists of a pipe die, the Vacuum Tank VKT 100, calibration plate, compressed air drying device and Belt Take-Off BAW 1300 with Horizontal Winder WR 650.