COLLIN TECHNEWS Issue 2 - Pharmacy, Medical & Plastic Technology - A successful symbiosis!

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We proudly present our 2nd edition of the COLLIN TECHNEWS, our Technology-Magazine for late-breaking market topics.

In recent years, our sector has been criticized unjustly, however, in some cases also justly. Many medial reportings have reinforced the opinion and image formation of the broad public.

However, especially the last year showed to many people how important plastics are in our life! Starting with protective shields, masks, protective clothing, breathing hoses, injections right through to closing caps for vaccination ampullae. All these products are made of plastics and nobody wants to live without them because they show the variety, possibilities and positive aspects of polymers.

International pioneering role
Nowadays, the medical and pharmaceutical sector simply cannot be imagined without plastics! Here, COLLIN comes into the picture. Because as international pioneer, we have been drawing on decades of experience and know-how in the development as well as the production of extrusion lines for laboratory and production. Together with our subsidiary COMELT – specialised in extrusion dies – we provide our worldwide customers in the medical and pharmaceutical sector with our machines. They use our solutions for the production of medical or pharmaceutical products.

Revolution in the industry
Whether drug-loaded strands, films for infusion bags, dialysis or catheter hoses, medical yarn, wound dressing material or fleece for the production of protective masks – products made of plastic have revolutionized the medical sector.

Read more about the symbiosis of medicine, pharmacy and plastics in our current issue of our COLLIN TECHNEWS!

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