COLLIN manufactures lines for the production of protective film – and produces films for the medical sector such as hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, opticians & Co.

In no time, COLLIN Lab & Pilot Solutions assembled a line including an extruder, a slot die and a calender with winder for the production of protective shield film in the technical center.

Protective shield film for hospitals & doctors
„We already produce PET film for various medical sectors such as hospitals, doctors, pharmacies but also for opticians for example. We have already received many enquiries and are very happy to offer our support here“, explains DI Dr. Friedrich Kastner, CEO / Managing Partner Collin Lab & Pilot Solutions GmbH. Due to the excellent cooperation with Next Generation Recycling GmbH, material for the production of the films could be provided in no time. Among other things, also PET bottle flakes, recycled with the LSP procedure (Liquid State Polycondensation) by NGR Next Generation Recycling GmbH are used.

„Due to our core competences, we were in a position to assemble a production line very quickly and with the support by our partners like Indorama, Piovan as well as Tapeteam, we could start production. Because, on the one hand, we have years of experience in engineering for the plastic processing industry and on the other hand, we also supply our lines to the medical and pharmaceutical sector.“

Versatile lines –
Also for extrusion coating of non-woven fabrics for hygiene & medical products
At the moment, with this line, COLLIN calenders PET films with a thickness from 250 to 450 µm for visors, whereas also thinner and thicker films can be produced. The machine can be used both, in calender and also in cast mode – that creates versatility! With the machine, the casting of different films, extrusion coating of packaging films or also the equipment of non-woven fabrics with functional layers for hygiene and medical products is possible for the customers.

Processible materials range from polyolefins (packaging, battery membrane), polystyrene (thermoformed films), PMMA (plexiglass), PPSU (sterilizable films), polycarbonate (optical films), PET (food packaging) to TPE (elastic films) or TPU (fabric coating).

Furthermore, the calender can modularly be extended for example with camera inspection, surface treatment or web edge control.

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