Turret Winder T Turret - for high winding quality in pilot and production operationMotor-driven bobbin lifting system, modular, compact.


The innovative COLLIN turret winder convinces by the motor-driven lifting system of the bobbin, the modular design with positioning slide and cutting knife as well as by its compact style.

In laboratory and pilot operation, an optimal quality of the film bobbin is essential. On the one hand, in order to better predict the resulting characteristics of the film after winding and on the other hand, in order to guarantee the processability on production lines.

In contrast to classic production winders, here, versatility and flexibility are required. Different films or compounds, with a different thickness must perfectly be wound. Latest winding algorithms guarantee that different materials with different thicknesses, strengths and widths are perfectly wound.

Winding types

  • Central winding
  • Contact winding with adjustable pressure
  • Gap winding with adjustable gap


  • Modular design with positioning slide and cutting knife
  • Compact design
  • Flexible regarding materials, thicknesses, strengths and widths

Winding material

  • All types of flexible substrates
  • Metal films
  • Laminates


  • Touch screen PC on Windows basis as HMI with:
  • Display of all functions with set and actual values
  • Display of the values tabularly, graphically or as bar diagram
  • Large display of important process values
  • Control button for all machine functions
  • Possibility of recipe management
  • Error and fault messages
  • language selection
  • Screen size 17.3 inch


Pilot productions, product development, small batch production


  • Compounding and refining companies
  • Processing companies
  • Film manufacturers
  • refining companies

Pilot Line Winder – Technical data

Parameters / WinderW 600 TW 800 TW 1000 T
Film widthmax. 590 mmmax. 790 mmmax. 990 mm
Film thickness50 µm – 500 µm50 µm – 500 µm50 µm – 500 µm
Speedfrom 20 to 200 m/minfrom 20 to 200 m/minfrom 20 to 200 m/min
Max. bobbin diameter800 mm800 mm800 mm


Two winding stations for a bobbin change during production operation, incl. changing
Pre-take-off for constant web tension of the film in front of the winder
Take-off rolls: rubber rolls (above) and steel roll (below)
Automatic cutting knife
COLLIN precision film positioning system
Expander roll
Safety bearing


Web tension
Enquiry diameter
Bobbin hardness and profile


Motor-driven remove of the bobbin
Edge cutting with suction
Double ionisation
Remote maintenance
Auxiliary winder

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