Tube Line - for hoses and tubesModular, compact, practical.


The COLLIN Teach Line Tube line consists of a tube die, the Vacuum Calibration Tank VKT 1000, calibration plates, a compressed air-drying device and the Belt Take-Off BAW 130 with Horizontal Winder WR 650.


  • Compact table-top design
  • Easy handling
  • Regarding conception, capacity and installation height, all COLLIN Teach Line machines are adjusted on each other. Thus, retrofits or extensions can be realized immediately


Numerous polymers


Trainings, apprenticeship, further training, screenings, laboratory operation, test series, research & development


  • Cooling water temperature indication
  • Feed valve for fresh water
  • Valves for water inlet to the vacuum tank and to the cooling tank
  • Throttling for the cooling water inlet, calibration and air control of the blow-off ring


  • Apprenticeship employers
  • Training facilities
  • Trade schools, vocational schools
  • Raw material manufacturers
  • Processing companies
  • Universities and institutes

COLLIN Teach Line Tube Line – Technical data

Parameters / Tube LineRW
Max. tube / hose outer Ø6 mm
Length calibration section400 mm
Length cooling section I650 mm
Length cooling section II150 mm
Dimension L x W x H1500 x 480 x 460 mm
Weightapprox. 65 kg


By means of a hand wheel, the entire unit can be moved by +/- 120 mm. Per tube diameter, one set of calibration plates is required.
At the outlet of the tank, the residual water is removed from the hose by a blow-off die.

Belt take-off BAW 130

Belt length: 130 mm
Belt width: 25 mm
Take-off speed:
max. 18 m/min
Tension take-off: 120 N
Tension winder: max. 30 N

Horizontal winder WR 650

Bobbin inner Ø /min.: 220/500 mm
Bobbin outer Ø max.: 650 mm
Bobbin height max.: 120 mm


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