Stretching frames – for stretching plastic filmsBiaxial. For a film thickness of up to 3.5 mm.


Stretching frames are used for biaxial stretching of plastic films. It is worth mentioning that these machines are especially designed for a film thickness of up to 3.5 mm and for stretching at temperature of up to 400°C.

Technical description
The basic component of the unit are clips. Each clip has a fixed lower part and a movable upper part. A special design enables an increase of the clamping force to approx. 800 N per Clip (at a gas pressure of 40 bar).

The clips are moved on guiding devices with edge rails. Roller bearings at the clip system as well as at the edge rails reduce the sliding force and allow higher stretching speeds and stretching forces.


  • Film thickness of up to 3.5 mm
  • Temperatures of up to 450°C
  • Heated clips
  • Quick adjustment of the process parameters
  • Operating mode: axial, biaxial, simultaneous, sequential
  • Quick temperature change by infrared heating systems


  • Product development

The touch screen control allows the programming of different stretching sequences with the possibility to additionally consider heating and cooling cycles. This allows an exact duplication of all production processes.


  • Raw material manufacturers
  • Compounding and refining companies
  • Processing companies
  • Universities and institutes
  • Companies in the pharmaceutical sector
Parameters / LineStretcher 5-750Stretcher 7-750 Stretcher 9-750
Number of Clips4 x 54 x 74 x 9
Max. stretching ratio715 mm / 65 mm = 11,0:1715 mm / 90 mm = 7,9:1715 mm / 115 mm = 6,2:1
Max. stretching speed1,0 m/sec1,0 m/sec1,0 m/sec


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