Software Visual Fecon

As option, COLLIN offers the software package Visual Fecon for all machines and lines.

Data logging and evaluation via PC

  • Permanent data recording of all process-relevant values
  • Archiving and loading of programs and parameters
  • Freely configurable face plates (i. e. each channel is displayed as line field with set and actual value as well as with output)
  • Freely configurable current and historical line and trend charts
  • Recording, managing, printing and reporting faults, modifications of machine set values, parameters, system message with export function
  • Saving current screen sides for printouts or archiving
  • Converting freely selectable measuring values and period for the evaluation / processing in Excel
  • Locking function in four levels by specifying user name and password
  • Possibility to integrate images for creating process images, with the pasting of measuring values
  • Support of different acoustic alarm signals is possible
  • Possibility of a multiple machine group

The communication to the COLLIN machines is realized via an included external adapter box (serial interface via USB) or Ethernet. Of course, COLLIN customers have the option of a remote maintenance of their control units.