The Collin multi-inspection impresses through its broad range of possible applications – the multi-purpose film quality test device measures, depending on the customer‘s needs, optically, mechanically and rheologically.

The lines have a modular design. They consist of a chill roll unit with a subsequent roll mill for optical and mechanical film inspection including a film winder and optionally upstream rheological measuring section.

Closed chill roll line for optical film inspection system
The complete unit is entirely closed with the exception of the entry of the film die. This test chamber is set to overpressure during operation in order to prevent ingress of dirt or dust.

Optical film inspection
Behind the chill roll, the film runs across the optical inspection field, consisting of a lighting unit and a camera. At the moment, further available units are a colorimetry system with colour sensor and a NIR measuring system for identifying foreign polymers.

For the inspection system (optical, IR, colorimetry, etc.) proven Collin single components are used. Implementation into the system is done centrally.

Mechanical inspection
Along the measuring distance, a defined expansion is inserted into the film via two rotating roll pairs. The necessary forces are measured on the line. In doing so, the ratio between stress and strain can be determined online. For further processing of the film resp. edge strips, film winders, a cutting system or extraction are available.