Winders – contact, central or gap windingFor a winding width of up to 600 mm.


There are different designs of COLLIN winders and all winders are designed according to the respective web speed. Our Lab Line winders are designed for a winding width of up to 600 mm.

Winder types

  • Central winder
  • Centrally driven winder with contact roll
  • Winder with positioning slide: with this winding unit, there are three possibilities of winding – central winding, contact winding with adjustable pressure and gap winding with adjustable gap (0 – 30 mm)


  • High flexibility
  • Easy handling

Winding material

  • Flat films
  • Fleeces
  • Strands
  • Hoses


Laboratory operation, test series, research & development


  • Raw material manufacturers
  • Compounding and refining companies
  • Processing companies
  • Universities and institutes
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Companies in the medical sector

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