Blown film dies and cooling rings


RW 80, RW 120, RW 160

Blown film dies

Multi-layer dies for 2 up to 13 layers are suitable for many different numbers of layers. For these processes, Collin provides dies with radial spiral mandrel distributors and matching mandrels and female dies.

  • Optimised distribution design provides highest layer thickness constancy across the circumference.
  • IBC (inner bubble cooling) is optionally possible.
  • Fully linear, constant bubble volume control (LBVC), allowing for big diameter variability as well as high-precision regulation of the bubble volume control.
  • Easy retrofit between different layers – e.g. from 3 layers to 5 layers.
  • Very good thermal decoupling of the layers

Cooling rings

Collin cooling rings have the following special features:

  • very good flow distribution
  • compact design
  • modular and exchangeable inserts