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Our innovative strength secures our company success

The auto-sampler, originally developed for the pressure filter test is, in principle, a module which can be used during laboratory operation with frequent material changes on small extruders and compounders. The size of the sample per material (up to seven different) can be up to 1 kg. During feeding, the control receives the data of the test material and automatically adds the parameters resulting from the process. Then, our evaluation software provides the data as trend graphics.

More and more, our life is affected by recycled plastic. In order to offer also for these materials quality tests, known processes, like the pressure filter test, have to be adapted. The team has modified the processing unit in such a way that also this wide range of materials can be tested. Of course, it is still possible to test virgin materials.

The Collin MDO which has been proving itself for many years was adapted to the requirements of new materials and processes. Today, different roller coatings are available. The stretching gap is an essential process parameter. In future, the stretching gap will be adjustable by motor and thus will allow to directly observe the influences of a modification while the machine is running. Thus, for the transfer to product processes, important parameters can quickly be determined.

Auto-sampler - Dr. Collin mechanical engineering