Flat film lines CR


CR 400/168/168-600 P, CR 400/168/168-800 P,
CR 400/168/168-1000 P, CR 800/300/300-600 P,
CR 800/300/300-800 P, CR 800/300/300-1000 P,
CR 250/250-600 P, CR 250/250-800 P,
CR 250/250-1000 P

Flat film lines are particularly used for the production of films or sheets with a variety of options for smoothing, embossing and laminating.

Flat film lines in the pilot sector are especially designed for the customer.
Depending on the customer requirement, different designs of roll groups can be offered.

  • Take-off speed up to 200 m/min
  • Roll position mutually adjustable in x and y direction
  • Good accessibility