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Collin Medical Line

The Collin Medical Line systems and lines are particularly impressive due to their extreme precision, homogeneous processing and high throughput.They are specifically tailored, designed and built to the customers‘ respective needs. The complete Collin portfolio can be designed for medical lines - from the extruder, compounder, calender, press or roll mill to whole strand or blown film lines.Highest precision, narrow tolerances, cleanliness, process accuracy, good handling of cleaning, clean room conformity, fast and excellent service and customised client trainings are part of the experience.

  • Built according to the specifications of FDA 21 CFR, ISPE, ISO 13485, EN 10204/3.1B, cGMP/GMP.
  • Construction and design conform to hygienic standards.
  • All installations are easy to dismantle and clean.
  • Enormous variability for producing different products.
  • Development work for customers as well as preliminary test in the Collin Lab.
  • Standardized validation, qualification and documentation.
  • SCADA software solutions according to GAMP4/5 Guideline.

Extras / Features

  • Cutting devices
  • Winder
  • Teflon coatings for hoppers
  • Cooling conveyor
  • Dosing lines
  • Several screws depending on polymer/material
  • Individual solutions like cooling conveyors
  • Water-cooled control cabinets

Medical Line Extruders

 Models: E 16, E 20, E 25, E 30, E 45, E 60

The Medical Line Extruder is compact and modular. The machines can be used in various ways as they are powered by an innovative concept. Many different types of downstream equipment can be connected and numerous additional equipment as well as features can be realised.

Exemplary applications 

  • Multi-layer strand production
  • Mono & multi-lumen hoses
  • Mono & multi-layer applications
  • Hoses for coronary invasive therapy
  • Catheters

Medical Line Compounders

Models: ZK 12, ZK 16, ZK 25, ZK 35

The Collin Medical Line Compounder serve a variety of applications in the pharmaceutical and medical sector. Due to the compact design, the lines are easy to clean and it takes extremely short periods of time to change the material.

Exemplary applications 

  • Incorporation of active agents in carrier materials
  • Degassing of volatile components
  • Pelletizing of tablet premixes
  • Mixing and dispersing of pigments Incorporation of solid and liquid additives
  • Incorporation of organic and non-organic fibres
  • Blending of polymers and pastes
  • Continuous reactive extrusion

Medical Line Presses

The Collin Innovation Press Type S integrates several advantages of the Collin presses – and it is particularly impressive through its practical, quiet hydraulic, modern design and the vertically moveable door. Especially the good cleanability and the materials that conform to medical standards are convincing.

Exemplary applications 

  • Clean room technology - Design for the production of medical  or pharmaceutical products
  • Quality control of materials
  • Production of test sheets / samples

Calenders / Roll mills

Calenders and roll mills are essential elements for the production of prototypes in the pharmaceutical product development or for the production of tablet of any shape or size.Collin production calenders are used in industry. By combining compounder, melt pump, flat film die and cooling conveyor, a complete production line is created. The small calenders are used for the production of small series, mainly in the preclinical selection phase.

Exemplary applications 

  • Drug carrier
  • Tablets
  • Prototypes
  • Silicone mixture

Strand lines

What is special about the Collin strand lines is that all production steps come from a single source - compounding, co-extrusion, take-off and cutting. A highlight is also the vertical water bath - a Collin innovation which guarantees reliable roundness. Even different take-off speeds are possible with optional sorting after cutting.



Blown film lines (air-cooled / water-cooled)

Compact design with small stand space, easy operation and accurate, reproducible positionings as well as quick changes of products and parameters are what makes Collin blown film lines so unique.

They are used for function tests of polymers and compounds, for the development of multi-layer films, the quality control of the pigment dispersion, the control of the dispersing behaviour of compounds and extruders or for the production of small film hoses in the food or medical sector.

Blown film lines with air cooling of the film
Blown film lines with a diameter of 20 to 120 mm are suitable for the production of hoses with lay-flat widths of up to 750 mm.

Blown film lines with water cooling of the film
These Collin lines are used for the production of infusion bags or other mono or multi-layer products. Vertical extrusion into a water cooling ring delivers optimal film transparency.



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