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Blown film lines in a compact design

Our blown film lines with an exceptionally wide range of applications, are used for quality control in the raw material production (in combination with optical inspection systems), for the development of high-performance and multi-layer film pilot production, for acceptance sample production of small packaging films, in the food production and for the production of medical films.

The machines are characterized by their compact design and high flexibility. The line speeds are designed in such a way, that conclusions from production can be drawn with minimal material usage and labour utilisation. Furthermore, these lines are ideally suitable for the education of production personnel. By additional testing devices such as online rheometer or optical film control, the Collin blown film lines – and by the way also all other lines - can be used for a continuous quality control in the raw material production. Coextrusion of at present up to 9 layers and the use of the turning bar system are possible. Of course, we also offer quenching modules or components for processing high-temperature polymers such as PEEK or PPSU.

Blown films - Dr. Collin mechanical engineering